Our Family is Growing, Are You?

We are a growing family in the field of Spend and Procurement Performance Management. We are an international group of smart, educated and eager professionals, who support each other and encourage each other towards better performance. We do some pretty cool stuff with AngularJS, React, Big data and Analytics.


Our core is our customers and the people who work here, so we truly are in the people business.


Join Sievo, one of the best places to work and operating globally straight from the heart of North, Helsinki. At Sievo, we believe that to exceed, we need to provide our employees opportunities for personal and professional growth. And that even if you are doing some serious stuff, you can still have fun.



What's in it for you?

Our Benefits

  • Best colleagues in the world
  • Great location
  • Family friendly
  • Borrow office for own events
  • Remote work
  • Extensive healthcare
  • Sports and culture
  • Awesome parties


Our Stack

  • Customer, Business, Finance, Procurement
  • Project, Data, Analytics, BI, SQL, ERP, ETL
  • React, AngularJS, ECMAScript
  • Big data, .NET, C#, F#, Clean Code
  • DevOps, MSSQL, Python, Powershell
  • Windows Server, Azure

Our Promise

  • Have a genuine impact
  • Be trusted in
  • Real responsibilites
  • Growth

Our values

We are honest to ourselves, honest to each other and honest to our customers. We communicate openly and proactively, recognize our current limits and build trust around us

We care about what we do, we care about each other and we care about our customers. We take responsibility, offer help, share knowledge, listen actively and provide constructive feedback to each other and our customers.

We aim at exceeding our own limits and the expectations of others and our customers. We innovate, work with passion and agility and embrace continuous learning.