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National Champion 2015-2016

Sievo – 2015/16 National Champion of European Business Awards

National Champion 2015-16Sievo has been selected as a National Champion representing Finland in the 2015/16 European Business Awards.
Achieving this award is a good testament of the success that we’ve enjoyed and definitely something we’re very proud about. However, it’s how we have achieved this award that is even greater source of pride for us. One of the questions from the jury was:
What are the key strategies and tactics that have been implemented and what has been innovative and remarkable about these approaches.“
The reply of Sievo’s CEO, Matti Sillanpää, hits the nail on the head: “I would say business success is rather driven by more down-to-earth things than ‘Innovative and remarkable strategies’. Our success is driven by the great team we have been able to build through the years”.







About Sievo:

Sievo is the leading Spend Management software provider. Our SaaS solution helps our customers to identify more savings, translate these opportunities into projects, embed created value into budgets, and to ensure that savings truly hit the bottom line. In short term, we help our clients to manage savings life cycle from idea to cash.
We provide Spend Analysis, but also go far beyond that. We complement category view with actionable project perspective; we look not only backward, but also forward. We look at internal performance and also benchmarks against market movements. We speak the language of procurement and also translate numbers into the financial view.
Our measurement philosophy is captured in our Procurement Contribution to Financials (PCF©) concept that we created to fill the gap at the intersection of procurement and finance.
For further information, please contact:
Patricia Besson, Head of Marketing & Communication, Sievo