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Sievo Software from Finland

Sievo – Software from Finland

Sievo has been recognized as an uncompromised software producer who uses the Finnish best practices according to the Finnish Software Industry Association Ohjelmistoyrittäjät. Now we are a proud user of the Software From Finland logo.

“The Finnish Software Entrepreneurs Association is a non-aligned association for innovative, professional, growth-driven and entrepreneurial software business executives. Association drives the success of software business as an industry and supports individual software companies in their road to success.” – Ohjelmistoyrittäjät ry.

About Sievo:

Sievo is the leading Spend Management software provider. Our SaaS solution helps our customers identify more savings, translate these opportunities into projects, embed created value into budgets, and ensure that savings truly hit the bottom line. In short, we help our clients to manage savings life cycle from idea to cash.

We provide Spend Analysis, but also go far beyond that. We complement category view with actionable project perspective; we look not only backward, but also forward. We look at internal performance and also benchmarks against market movements. We speak the language of procurement and also translate numbers into the financial view.