Procurement Controlling

Ensure that savings truly hit the bottom line

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Unquestionable savings

Delivering savings is essential for any procurement function. Yet too often there’s discussion on if savings are real or not. Sievo’s Procurement Controlling creates fact-based, indisputable transparency on savings contribution:

  • Build the bridge between finance and procurement and stop the never ending discussions on if savings are real
  • Isolate drivers of spend, including volumes, currencies, market, procurement performance, and demand
  • Base your measurement on invoices and general ledger bookings, no manual process, no disputably
  • Proven measurement models to support direct, indirect (no-PO) and capex -measurement
  • Monitor and enforce contract implementation through compliance management
Sievo procurement contribution to finance method

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Jorma Ruikka, VP Sourcing, Valio

"Sievo has had a tremendous impact on how our sourcing organization works today. On one hand Sievo has been a key building block in creating a systematic management and follow-up process for our performance and it has vastly increased the credibility of all our reporting towards business stakeholders, finance and top management..."

Measuring savings in fact-based, financially aligned and non-disputable way

  • Collect complete spend from your ERPs in a financially aligned manner using Sievo Data Extractor
  • Complement ERP-data with supplier data through Web Upload Service for key categories
  • Enrich your source data with cost structures, market prices, proxies, baselines for new items, approved vendor data and others in Sievo
  • Configure the measurement approach to meet specifics of your organization
  • Cover all spend (with and without POs) with different measurement approaches
  • Ensure compliance by comparing spend data with approved vendors by category and country

Financially aligned

Sievo uses general ledger booking data to calculate procurement performance in a way that finance can recognize, audit and agree to. Yet we do this in way that all numbers can be viewed from sourcing category perspective, ensuring relevance for procurement.

Sievo bridge

Ensure supplier adoption and contract compliance

With Sievo you can monitor supplier and price compliance to ensure successful roll-out of sourcing strategy.

Sievo compliance management

Cloud with global access

Sievo’s cloud solution can be accessed anywhere in the world with a mere web browser. Highly effective infrastructure ensures that you can view both global dashboards and invoice-level details in a matter of seconds.

Sievo SaaS the cloud

Automated isolation of spend development drivers

Sievo offers the tools and mathematical algorithms to automatically isolate drivers of spend development (volume, currency, market, performance).

Sievo reports and analysis tools

Tap into market data

Understanding true procurement contribution requires tapping into market data, whether from your own sources or through Sievo partners.

Sievo data collection

Works also for non-PO spend

Measuring savings for recurring items with material numbers will not cover all of the spend. Sievo features a proxy-based measurement approach to cover non-PO spend areas for financial measurement. Alternatively, you can also collect supplier data for detailed measurement.

Sievo full coverage of spend

Why stop at Procurement Controlling? Go beyond:

Spend Analysis

Turn your heterogeneous source data into categorized spend data and tangible opportunities

Savings Program Management

Translate Spend Analysis into savings opportunities, execute savings projects and track savings contribution

Spend Budgeting & Forecasting

Leverage spend data for creating a forward looking view on price, spend, volumes and profitability