Savings Program Management

Manage your savings projects from idea to approval

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More opportunities, faster execution and unquestioned credibility

Good transparency on procurement savings portfolio improves opportunity identification, accelerates savings project execution, and increases credibility of savings. The immediate benefits of Savings Program Management are:

  • Full transparency on all ongoing savings projects to ensure effective execution and immediate identification of deviations from targets
  • Integrated approval workflow ensuring early alignment between stakeholders and full trust on reported savings
  • Transparency on savings ideas and projects resulting in idea sharing and positive internal competition
Sievo procurement contribution to finance method

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Mattis Sydhagen, Head of Sourcing Development & Support, Orkla

“The benefit that Sievo is bringing to us is besides the technology, the fact that we are getting a faster, better access to our spend data and also more precise spend data …”

Managing savings from ideas to approved savings

Managing savings projects from idea to approved savings requires the right set of tools, as provided by Sievo’s Savings Program Management:

  • Idea are captured easily so that opportunities to save money or create value are not lost
  • Support for idea approval to ensure that right ideas are translated to projects and the other ones parked for future implementation or canceled as appropriate
  • Designed for both for small local and large global projects. Hierarchical structure ensures that projects impacting multiple businesses/locations can be managed in granular fashion. Attachments can be used to capture full details of ongoing projects. In-built financial recognition patterns provide maximum financial accuracy with minimal data input
  • Integrated workflow easily gains approval from stakeholders, ensuring early alignment and creating savings that are not questionable. Workflow is tightly integrated with role-based user management and a full audit trail is maintained for all changes and approvals
  • Functionality to manage project execution with integrated milestones.
  • Integrated reporting that provides full visibility to opportunity funnel, savings contribution and execution status completely integrated with spend analysis and other Sievo solution areas.

Effective data input

Sievo’s user interface is designed to effectively capture projects of all sizes. Maximum granularity with minimal data point input.

Sievo interface

Financial alignment

Our solution incorporates financial savings recognition patterns ensuring that procurement savings are reported in a financially recognizable fashion.

Sievo bridge

Integrated workflow

Integrated workflow ensures that different stakeholders can provide their approval at different project steps with full audit trail.

Sievo integrated workflow


Your categories, your workflow, your savings levers, Sievo provides full configurability.

Sievo configurable tool

Execution follow-up

Milestones, red-amber-green status, gantt-charts… our solution provides all elements for effective execution follow-up.

Sievo execution follow-up

Cloud with global access

Sievo’s cloud solution can be accessed anywhere in the world by web browser.

Sievo Saas the cloud

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