Spend Analysis

How Sievo will turn your heterogeneous source data into tangible opportunities

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Why is Sievo’s Spend Analysis the smartest and most valuable?

Sievo provides complete source-to-screen solution for Spend Analysis, turning your heterogeneous source data into rich information. Sievo’s solution provides plug-and-play data extraction from any source system with automated refresh, features a collaborative classification approach and provides best practice Spend Analysis reporting through a web browser-based user interface.
Spend Analysis provides you with the following immediate benefits:

  • Get full spend transparency by categories, suppliers, buying entity, and any other relevant dimension
  • Identify opportunities regarding spend, price, supplier base, payment terms, and inbound inventories
  • Access any spend data in a matter of seconds, regardless of your data volumes and system complexity
  • Improve levels of detail on a continuous basis by using Sievo’s classification tools that provide full transparency and control of all classification logic
Sievo procurement contribution to finance method

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Mattis Sydhagen, Head of Sourcing Development & Support, Orkla

“The benefit that Sievo is bringing to us is besides the technology, the fact that we are getting a faster, better access to our spend data and also more precise spend data…”

Spend Analysis made simple – Extract, Extend, Enrich and Enjoy :

Sievo’s Spend Analysis solution covers the full source-to-screen process from data extraction to reporting:

  • Extract: Sievo Data Extractor features plug-and-play integration to any source system, minimizing the need of local IT resources. Sievo Data Extractor completely automates the monthly process and lets Sievo take responsibility for all aspects of the Spend Analysis process
  • Extend source system data with data collected from suppliers. The data available in source systems does not fulfill all reporting needs, especially so in indirect categories. Sievo’s solution enables seamless integration of supplier data to complement the data you have in source systems, avoiding double counting
  • Enrich your data to give visibility to spend by category and to consolidate suppliers. Sievo provides a collaborative classification approach, combining both customer knowledge and Sievo resources, to effectively and reliably classify all spend (with or without PO) to your category tree. Full transparency to all classification decisions is maintained at all times, and modifying a classification decision can be done by users in a matter of clicks
  • Enjoy the results through an on-line analytical interface designed to provide full transparency on all aspects of spend, payment terms and inbound inventories. In-memory based reporting technology ensures that even the most complex analyses are provided in a matter of seconds, regardless of underlying data amounts. The user interface is designed for rapid adoption and at the same time provides pivoting tools for super users to create complex analysis, independently and immediately

Automated Data Extraction

Sievo Data Extractor automatically collects data from any source.

automated data extraction

Collaborative classification

Sievo’s classification provides full transparency on all classification decisions, enables easy iterations and combines customer knowledge with Sievo software and services.

collaborative classification

Guaranteed data quality

Sievo guarantees that your spend numbers are always correct or you get your money back.

Sievo guaranteed data qualiity

Extend with supplier data

When ERP-data is not sufficient Sievo provides seamless integration of supplier data.

extend data with supplier data

Working capital

Sievo’s Spend Analysis provides transparency to payment terms and inbound inventories.

sievo working capital

Monthly data refresh process

Sievo takes overall responsibility for monthly or more frequent data processing, with turnaround times from 2 days.

Sievo monthly process

Why stop at spend analysis? Go beyond :

Savings Program Management

Translate Spend Analysis into savings opportunities, execute savings projects and track savings contribution

Spend Budgeting & Forecasting

Leverage spend data for creating forward looking view on price, spend, volumes and profitability

Procurement Controlling

Get full transparency on savings and drivers of spend, as well as on contract compliance