Spend Forecasting

Create a forward looking view on spend, prices, quantities and profitability

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Adopt a forward looking view on Spend Management

Sievo’s Spend Forecasting enables companies to create a forward looking view on spend, prices, quantities and profitability.
Adopting a forward-looking view provides following immediate benefits:

  • Engage different stakeholders on constructive discussions and facilitate decision making on pricing, product mix, and marketing strategy based on expected cost changes
  • Improve communication towards stock market and other stakeholders
  • Focus sourcing efforts on areas with highest potential contribution
  • React rapidly to sudden changes in supply and market prices
  • Embed procurement savings to budgets
  • Stop looking in the rear-mirror and transform procurement function into a forward looking organization


Sievo procurement contribution to finance method

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Tackling the real-life challenges of Spend Forecasting

Sievo’s Spend Forecasting is designed to tackle challenges specific to procurement:

  • Designed to effectively address varying budgeting challenges of direct, indirect and capex
  • Packaged budgeting templates and calculation logic configurable by category
  • Role-based user management and support for global distributed input
  • Functionality to work at different levels of analysis, from category to SKU level
  • Integration of procurement savings to budgets and forecasts
  • Budgeting/forecasting process management
  • Full integration to Excel and source systems
  • Management of different drivers of prices whether currency, market, or negotiation

Distributed role-based input

Role-based user management, allowing different stakeholders to view and edit only data relevant for them, for example on category or country basis.

Sievo interface

Efficient managed process

Full support for managing forecasting process, including publishing budget rounds, collecting input and consolidating numbers. No more need for hundreds of e-mails and Excel consolidation pain.

Sievo efficient process follow-up

Financial impact and risk exposure

Sievo’s Spend Forecasting not only gives you  a forward-looking view on spend. It also translates the impact of spend into financial impacts and creates transparency on risk exposure.

Sievo bridge

Root cause analysis

Built-in analytics to perform root cause analysis between realized and budget data (as well as between budgets and forecasts), ensuring that deviations can be effectively acted on.

Sievo root cause analysis


Configurable to address your specific needs that vary by category. Configuration options include defining what spend is in scope of budgeting, data points capture, level of forecasting, time horizon and granularity, use of reference, and frequency of forecasting process.

Sievo configurable tool


Cloud with global access

Sievo’s cloud solution can be accessed anywhere in the world using a web browser. Users can input data directly in Sievo and import or export using Excel.

Sievo Saas the cloud

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